Views of Cascadia


“If Nature is a painting then we are viewers: We look, and our understanding comes through our eyes. The eyes don’t serve as forerunners for the other senses, for touching, tasting, smelling, inhabiting the natural world, but look across the void never to be crossed…We look across a distance at something that is not ourselves and does not include us.”

John Muir, Nature


The Negative Space of Falling Water, Archival print, 2019, 137 x 92 cm (54 x 36 inches)


The Cascadia project engages historical photography in the public domain. Using images drawn from multiple archives, museums and private collections, the project focuses on eight seminal landscape photographers, Carleton Watkins, Eadweard Muybridge, Edward Curtis, Major James Skitt Matthews and William John Moore, who photographed the Cascadia region and its inhabitants from Northern California to Southern Alaska.



Sunset, Archival print, 2019, 107 x 92 cm (42 x 36 inches)

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The project includes analogue and digital photography, interactive video and internet podcasts.



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The Cascadia project is integrative, expansive and scalable and endeavors to support the work of a number of contemporary artists and artist collaboratives by producing a database of  historical imagery. The project attempts to establish a shared cultural subject, uniting artists in both Canada and the United States by making its research and database broadly available to the cultural communities of the region.



View of Cascadia (looking south), Archival print, 2019, 92 x 137 cm (36 x 54 inches)


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