A Waking Dream


Bill Jones, After Henry Peach-Robinson, 2017, cyanotype, 26 x 30 inches


A Waking Dream traces the early development of an aesthetic common to photography, film and new media based on montage and reflection or mirroring.  The project includes video works with historical imagery sourced from the Internet, animated by live sampling and 3D animation software, as well as analogue and digital prints that reinterpret historical works through the lens of digital media.



Bill Jones, Waking Dream, 2017, HD video, 11:06 min.




Bill Jones, Panorama, 2017, HD video,  2:30 min


Still Images


Equivalences. Click anywhere on the grid above for slide show.






Bill Jones, Prelude, 2016, HD video,  2:30



Bill Jones, Untitled (photo of my mother), 1973, Colour and black and white photographs, 16 x 20″

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