At Sea

At Sea, HD video, 4:35 min


Solitary, uncounted hours in one of those hideous square-snouted pits of fish smell! Already I could feel the cold brutes slithering around me for aeons and aeons of time before the tow ropes went taut, and we set out for the cannery. There, men with spiked poles would swarm into the scow, hook each fish under the gills. The creatures would hurtle through the air like silver streaks, landing into the cannery chutes with slithery thumps, and pass on to the ripping knives…The Captain’s voice roused me from loathsome thoughts.

Emily Carr-Klee Wyck


Rose Coloured, Archival print, 61 x 131 cm, 2019


Storm Warning, Archival print,  61 x 131 cm, 2019


Vignette, Archival print, 61 x 131 cm, 2019



The Public Domain is a collaborative project that engages historical landscape photography through the lens of shared resources and the concept of the commons.

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