Bill Jones, heaven, 2014, HD video, 3:43 minutes                                                                      

Go to heaven


I don’t believe in heaven. Sometimes I wish I did. For me nature is as close as it comes and even then it’s only a distant reflection. We have gardens to remind us that nature exists.

I spent the summer of 1978 in a house in West Vancouver, BC with a two acre English garden that snaked down a forested hill. I shot The Garden Path (below) as a series of interlocking panoramas following the course of the late day sunlight as it fell through the Spruce canopy. I shot it as if it were leading somewhere.

After The Garden Path, I tried to find the garden again and again with Posthorn, 2010  (with Ben Neill) and with heaven above.


The Garden Path, detail, 1979.
The Garden Path, detail, 1980.

Enter the garden



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